In the ROK-US military practice of wartime evacuation and was rushed to Japan vstart

In the ROK-US practice of wartime evacuation: U.S. and Japan was sent to the emergency data figure: U.S. soldier in unarmed combat game reference news network reported on November 9th Korean media said the USFK announced on 7, in the Korean Peninsula conflict situation, the recent implementation of the high strength for the U.S. civilian non combatant evacuation exercise. Although it is a routine exercise held every year, but this year, with the increase of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile threat, taking into account the actual situation, after a lapse of 7 years, the first increase will be part of the evacuation of civilians to the U. s.military base content. According to South Korea, "Asian daily" website reported on November 8th, according to the USFK said the October 31st drill started, including the children of military personnel and military affairs of dozens of family members in a CBRN defense equipment in Gyeonggi Do, the U.S. military base in Pyeongtaek by two Chinook helicopters, transfer to U.S. military base in Daegu. It is reported that, after listening to the relevant blowing and they have been confirmed by documents, the second day to Busan Gimhae Airport, take the C-130 transport aircraft to the U.S. military base in Japan to avoid. USFK said at the beginning of November, they go through the entry formalities to return to South Korea, this exercise ended. South Korean military official said: "non combat personnel evacuation exercises are held every year, this year’s exercise is close to the real situation." The withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Korean Peninsula, which is the first time since 2009." Every year, one or two such exercises are held in South korea. It is reported that the USFK that once something needs to avoid the United States and friendly countries around 220 thousand civilians in South korea.相关的主题文章:

Women’s cell phone stolen in Shanghai, seeking tracking 9 days after appearing in Shijiazhuang – Chi popkart

Women’s cell phone stolen in Shanghai, seeking to track 9 days after appearing in Shijiazhuang – Shijiazhuang (reporter Lin Jianshu) October 27th, a stolen phone was traced to the. On the evening of October 27th, the people of Shijiazhuang received a phone call from Ms. Wang, who was working in Shanghai. "My stolen Apple phone appeared in Shijiazhuang."! You are quick to help me call the police!" Originally, in October 18th this year, Ding bicycle traffic in the urban area of Shanghai, felt someone touch her, she touched the pocket, put on the jacket of the apple 6S mobile phone is missing! She immediately took the name to touch his own man, but did not find his cell phone, was also the man scolded a few words. After the police in the area of the police station. A friend of Ms. Ding’s work on Apple’s mobile phone company was puzzled, she then find whether the friend consultation can bring back the mobile phone. The friend told her mobile phone did not guarantee, if the thief is usually replacement. Ms. Ding asked a friend to help check, the results are really 9 days after the check. Ask why after the alarm, police station police with normal alarm people to come together to track the lady Apple customer service center. After verification, the stolen phone is indeed accepted by the store after sale, is back to the factory maintenance, 10 days to return. The manager promised to send back to the mobile phone, the relevant formalities and received the Shanghai police will be posted after deduction, and handed over to the police.相关的主题文章:

China’s breakthrough in cyberspace defense technology is no longer easy to attack difficult to defen

Chinese breakthrough network space defense technology is no longer easy to attack and hard to defend "- Beijing newspaper in Beijing on 13 November, (Lu Xiaolin, Yang Kegong) authorized by the Ministry of science and technology evaluation of Shanghai science and Technology Committee, The PLA Information Engineering University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University and the Academy of Sciences Chinese Information Engineering Institute of the joint research team of national" 863 Plan "key project" research of cyberspace defense theory and the core method of Mimicry "recently validated, the evaluation results are consistent with theoretical expectations. This indicates that China has achieved significant theoretical and methodological innovation in the field of network defense, will break the network space easy to attack difficult to defend the strategic pattern, change the rules of the network security game. Mimicry, refers to a biological simulation of another organism or environment phenomenon. In 2008, Wu Jiangxing Chinese Academy of engineering from the fringe Octopus inspired by dozens of imitation marine biological morphology and behavior, puts forward the idea of developing pseudo computer. Support from the Ministry of science and technology and Shanghai City, the successful development of prototype mimicry calculation principle and selected "2013 annual Chinese ten advances in science and technology". On this basis, the research team for the network spatial uncertainty of threats and other major safety problems, carry out active defense mimicry based on theoretical research and achieved a major breakthrough. The proposed "dynamic heterogeneous redundancy architecture" can be used to change the network space based on the uncertainty of the unknown vulnerabilities to the unknown risk. In January 2016, the joint test verification team consists of 9 domestic authoritative evaluation agencies, to validate the system defense principle mimicry for a period of 6 months of testing, there are 21 academicians and more than 110 experts participated in the evaluation work in different stages. In August 2016, the evaluation committee of experts on the formation of "pseudo defense principle verification system evaluation opinions" think: pseudo defense mechanism, independently and effectively deal with or against the back door vulnerabilities, based on the known risks or uncertain threat. Measured by the system to achieve the desired pseudo defense theory, and the realization of the information system could manage and control it is possible to use "toxic bacteria" component, based on engineering and hidden backdoor vulnerabilities "and" seller’s market "strategic offensive subversive significance. Wu Jiangxing said that China is one of the countries suffered the most serious cyber attacks. According to the national Internet Emergency Center data show that only in 2015 sampling monitoring, China has more than 1978 units of the host was more than 10.5 Trojans and botnets control side control. Due to the use of network defense system is the "acquired immune mechanism", "sheep to fill", almost undefended for perceptual or cognitive network attack and defense, the theory and method of mimicry is able to effectively deal with these known or unknown threats. Wu Jiangxing also said that the pseudo defense theory and method of network space is the common wealth of mankind, this technology China scientists are willing to share with the world, make the contribution for the construction of cyberspace community of destiny.相关的主题文章:

A Beijing Court judicial auction turnover broken 600 million eleven double two years also promotion jinshen

A Beijing Court judicial auction turnover broken 600 million eleven double two years also sell some auction items to real estate, cars, small satchel, mobile phone, with the judicial network subject is rich, also attracted more and more public concern. Yesterday, the Beijing municipal hospital for the past three years, the hospital has been informed of the situation of justice network. According to statistics, as of the end of October this year, the racquet amounted to 6 million yuan. One Dior bag, in starting to 300 yuan, the final transaction price of 8446 yuan, a premium rate of 2715.33%, the hospital became the racquet the highest premium rate of the subject matter, and in the auction of a iPhone, the number of spectators reached 6.1 million people. Judicial network total turnover broken 600 million according to court bulletin, since March 2015 to start the first judicial network, as of October 31st this year, the number of cases in the hospital through the judicial racquet to dispose of the property for 97, online auction 119 times, a total of 96 pieces of the auction subject matter, 67 turnover, turnover amounted to 617 million yuan, the turnover rate is 69.8%, the average premium rate of 35.43%, saving more than 308 yuan for the Commission, the average auction number of spectators reached 8092 people. Real estate auction average 10 days, the average real estate auction time of 35 days. The court said that the traditional auction auction online auction form, the average real estate auction time savings 25 days, the average real estate auction time savings of up to 35 days. Jade jewelry bag of the highest premium rate three in the hospital said that the number of cases in this hospital in 2015 to dispose of property for 40, turnover of 2204 yuan. But with the implementation of efforts to increase, as of October 2016, transferred to the disposal of the property to 57 the number of cases, turnover amounted to 5.9 million yuan, about 27 times in 2015, involving residential, factories, commercial housing, construction land use rights, equity, basically covers most of the assets in. According to the statistics, jewelry, jade, purses and other household goods auction turnover rate of 87.5%, was once the auction, the average premium rate is 972.27%; the average auction registration 53, bid 290 times, turnover rate and premium rate were the highest, and the most competitive bidding. The racquet borrow "double eleven" promotion in the "double eleven" is approaching, the Third Hospital of combination of business, planning to launch the "double eleven" judicial racquet auction. Finally the premium auction rate reached 108%, turnover rate of 63%, total turnover of 102 thousand yuan, the number of spectators reached nearly 40 thousand people, a total savings of more than 5000 yuan commission. On the other hand, in order to solve the problem of limited target audience, the three hospitals also took the lead in the city’s courts and banks to establish a network of real estate mortgage loans working mechanism. For non mortgage real estate, the design of the first transfer of mortgage loans after the process, for the mortgage property, the implementation of the first transfer of mortgage loans after the flow. The most auction auction up to 337 people in May 26, 2015, the auction iPhone5 mobile phone in the 1, the participants signed up to participate in the auction, bid for the 153 time, the final turnover of $2504 to 337. The most intense auction 156 thousand yuan in August 26, 2016, auction and Tian Yuyu相关的主题文章:

The central inspection group some departments by Party Political Consultative Conference CPPCC resou mia farrow

The central inspection group: some departments by Party Political Consultative Conference CPPCC resources from the original title: Central fifth inspection teams feedback special inspection according to the central leading group for the deployment of patrol, October 14, 2016 to the National Committee of the CPPCC Party organs, the central fifth inspection teams to the CPPCC organs party feedback special inspection situation. The Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, the central leading group patrol deputy head Zhao Hongzhu chaired to the CPPCC Vice Chairman and secretary general, party secretary Zhang Qingli attended the feedback meeting, to the leadership of the CPPCC Party organs feedback special inspection meeting, responsible to the organs of the main party and Party leadership on patrol rectification work request. The central inspection work leading group members, office director Li Xiaohong conveyed the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping important speech on patrol work to Zhang Qingli, the central fifth inspection team leader Sang Zhumei behalf inspection teams to the leadership party Zhang Qingli and CPPCC organs for feedback, deputy leader Jiang Long, Sun Hongshan, Ren Aijun attended the feedback meeting. Zhang Qingli presided over the meeting and feedback to the leadership of the team to do a good job on behalf of the rectification work. In accordance with the unified deployment of the central, from July 6, 2016 to September 5th, the central fifth inspection teams on the CPPCC National Organs of the party conducted a special inspection. The inspection group to seriously implement the central inspection approach, grasp the political stance, the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a mirror, with the "Four Consciousness" as a benchmark, to the party disciplines for outstanding rulers, uphold the party’s leadership, focus on comprehensive strictly, fixed on the leadership of Party organizations and leading cadres of the party, deeply to reveal the leadership of the party, Party construction, comprehensive strictly etc. problems, seize the key people, focus on something, a key issue, strictly from the real to carry out supervision and inspection. Through extensive individual conversations, conscientiously handle letters and visits, access to relevant documents, in-depth understanding of the situation, find the problem, forming a deterrent, promoting reform, strengthen management, the successful completion of the inspection task. Central inspection work leading group listened to the inspection teams visited the situation report, and report to the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the central. Zhao Hongzhu stressed that the CPPCC Party organs should earnestly study and implement the spirit of general secretary of the party eighteen, eighteen third, fourth, fifth plenary session and the Xi Jinping series of important speech, further strengthen the "Four Consciousness", a clear functional positioning, according to the central co-ordination to promote the "five in one" overall layout, to promote the coordination of "four comprehensive" the strategic layout, implement the requirements of the "five development ideas", the guidelines and policies of the party and the central major decisions and plans to implement. The tour is on the political party organizations and leading cadres of the political examination, performance problems found in inspections in the following, the root cause of the above. The CPPCC party secretary and members of the team to improve the political stance, strengthen political play, thinking and action with the central requirements, and resolutely put myself into it, consciously for the party, the party responsible for the responsibility, take the initiative to claim responsibility, take the lead in the implementation of the rectification, the rectification to prevent the main responsibility to subordinate units, not to the pressure into the layers of conductive layers to shirk responsibility, do not admit really, really, not perfunctory prevarication, reflection, really.相关的主题文章: